Product commitment :

   Our respect customers, thank you for a long time support of the Qiaoyou chemical products.

   Based on our good management and operation pattern, high quality products, as well as advanced technology and best service, ISO9001: 2000 Quality Control System and ISO22000: 2008 Food Safety Management System have been established to ensure the smooth operation of the product quality and sanitary quality systems.

Company promise:

(1) With customer oriented management concept, providing the satisfied service and qualified Qiaoyou brand products to the customers.

(2) Always insisting on high quality and good reputation, and constantly improving the operating mechanism, and further enhancing product brand awareness. 

(3) In strict accordance with the standards of product quality testing and production process, ensuring that qualified rate of products reaches 100% and the customer satisfaction rate comes to 100%.

(4) When quality issues of products are discovered, no matter what the cause, guaranteeing within 48 hours to solve the problem until customer satisfaction.

(5) The product certification and inspection report are attached with each finished product, providing an increased level of quality assurance with customers.

Service & Complaints Hotline: 0350-3336557 3336576